Sailboats in a quiet coveImagine a reliable marine energy “appliance” that can meet or exceed the onboard power and propulsion needs of many cruising sailboats, recreational trawlers, and houseboats. That’s Haveblue. 

  • Dramatic reductions in noise and vibration
  • Eliminates fuel smell and exhaust fume odors
  • Proven components
  • Systems contain few moving parts, reducing maintenance costs
  • Reduced battery-bank “footprint” and weight and improved battery life
  • Energy “stored” as hydrogen does not discharge, as it does in batteries
  • Uses proven technologies that are already used in the marine world
  • Ample fresh water with lower tankage required
  • Electric motors offer better maneuverability and improve hull speed and stopping distance
  • Eliminates water and air pollution
  • “Refuel” hydrogen while docked, moored, anchored, or underway
  • Power rated from 10kw to 75kw