Funding for U.K.’s First Hydrogen Injection System on a Ferry

(From MAREX 2018-10-06)

“Innovate UK has granted £430,332 ($565,000) in funding to design and integrate a hydrogen diesel dual fuel injection system on board a commercial ferry. The hydrogen to be used in the project will be produced by the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, from clean renewable energy sources available on the islands and will power a ferry operating between the main town of Kirkwall and the island of Shapinsay. … Hydrogen as a fuel is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to fossil fuels, and hydrogen/diesel injection technology is already being demonstrated in the automotive industry.”

Such injection systems can significantly reduce emissions from fossil fuel engines and are an important step forward in freeing the marine world from fossil fuels.


[Content copyrighted by MAREX. Image courtesy of David Hibbert, Ornkey Islands Council)

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